Monday, October 27, 2008

7 days and counting...

so as i sit at my desk and try to shift from weekend mode to productive work day mode, the left-over key lime pie that i ate as the dust settled sits heavy in my stomach and tries to reach out and type "help me... i can't move!!". Sweetened-Condensed Milk, you are officially on my list of things to never again put in my mouth... but why-oh-why must you be so delicious and delectable?!
the weekend was an informal bon-voyage celebration with closest family and friends. there was not a lot of tears, but pure joy to have their warmth and love fill the house that is becoming my home. it is this dilemma you see that twirls and twerks (i just made up that word... it has a feel to it that fits the current state of my mind so perfectly. no, wait a minute, i just looked it up... how did my word already get published in wiktionary?! well, the 'definition' similarly fits the image in my head... it is a blend of twitch and jerk!) my vision of career, exposure, success, pursuit, conquer, CAREER. to what do you gauge success of a career? to me it has been stimulation, movement, progress, challenge, mind, matter, passion. but do you choose to let these words be the final gauge of success and happiness, or do they simply represent that of success in a career. it could be said that satisfaction must be measured in finite arenas... work, love, home, friends, family... but i challenge that thought as they each are one, yet are one together. i want the needle to be buried on the global scale... TRUTH. my personal truth encompasses all arenas, and it is this final indicator that should be considered when making decisions.
this all brings me back to the aforementioned dilemma... i imagine a similar party being held in a year or so when my 'dreams' have come to fruition (which they will... it's all part of the master plan!). if i choose to leave my family and friends in the pursuit of my career, what position will the needle max out at? these are factors that must be considered, as i shall not 'accidentally' find myself in a house that is so far away that the laughter and love of my closest people are not able to pour in, as this could never be a home.
thank-you for the weekend guys, it meant the world to us! 7 days and counting :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are you kidding me?!?!

it was seriously two days ago that i said i would never blog... but, meh, why not join the forces right?! well no, this was not an accidental decision, nor an unconscious one. i thought to myself, self, you can blog, or you can not blog, and here i am blogging.

i need to throw in my disclaimer... i was reading my friends blog this morning (accidental or not, love ya acc.pharm.), and i was perturbed, again, by the admittance of accidental paths. i am an engineer you see, and by training, i can't really believe in accidents. we safe guard against accidents (hence the factor of safety), and personally, i believe in physical, emotional, and spiritual presence, which also inherently protects against accidents. and so i am a proprioter of choice, and why not. this allows us to be accountable, not give credit where credit is not deserved, and we can say we have made ourselves into who we are... by choice!

and so this blog begins... but this will not be a rant, rally, or renegade, i really just wanted a fun way to keep people up-to-date with an upcoming trip. so, please enjoy... if you choose.