Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm back... and I'm a year older?!

so, it has been a while since i last updated you all (my faithful 5 readers) of the happenings here in Rif. well, it has been happening all over austria and elsewhere, not just in my quaint little village. in the last 10-ish days, i have been blessed to have family time in vienna, and also in prague. it has been a dream to be surrounded by my most special people, and to soak up the euro vibes with my nephew in tow?!?! what a trip! he is doing amazingly, and i have been so lucky to get to watch him on his first big world adventure... you know there will be many more in his future! the simplest treasures have made my heart the warmest... wine in a cafe after a day of pounding the cobblestone, hearing the boy's giggles first thing in the morning, watching the photo hunters capture their favorite image, momma ordering wine when the rest of are drinking beer! the thing about family is, whether at home or across the world, these simple wonders never change, and even if they have been seen/felt/smelled/heard a million times before, they still stir up a wonderous satisfaction. yes. some things never change.

the other thing that happened since my last post, is that i aged by a year... can't say i'm too happy about it either. 28. nearly 30. way past 20. wow, how did that happen?? the numbers seem to hurt a bit more each year. just think, i have been in school for at about 25% of my entire life... i'm talking of my life expectancy?!?! that's a long time!! i know that i have lived these last 28 years to the fullest (at least the ones i can remember), and have made memories that no one take away from me, i guess i am having a bit of trouble accepting the fact that i am 28. in school. no kids. WHAT?! ok, let it go. you're gonna be an older mom, and that's ok.

on to the work related update. tomorrow is my first day on the hill!! in my 6th week here, i am finally collecting the data i came to collect. there have been some roadblocks along the way, and let's hope the snow will hold until the end of next week, but overall, the project is moving forward. the lab tests were completed last week, and now onto the good stuff. i hope everyone has some fingers crossed for me that it will go well, and rest assured, i will update with news of how it all goes.

so until then, i hope everyone back is home happy and healthy. the christmas spirit is alive and well (actually very loud) here, and it is such a delight! i can't wait to come home and share that holiday warmth with all of my dearest friends and family.

happy holidays